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Os 5 Gatos XIII (La 5 Katoj XIII)

Durante o processo de cortes, procuro nunca seguir o mesmo padrão. Tenho um conjunto de facas com várias “curvinhas” em suas lâminas, por isso mudo com frequência o padrão com que faço os cortes maiores e, a partir daí, posso escolher sempre alterar a ordem que sigo para cortar em partes menores. 

Assim, matematicamente falando, a probabilidade de haver 2 peças iguais é quase zero.... mas pode acontecer.

Vejam o vídeo, que está em câmera rápida, pois o processo é bem demorado.

Manufacture a Jigsaw Puzzle ~13
Posted On : January 28th, 2015 | Updated On : January 28th, 2015
We are still in the cutting strategy for the puzzle as our Group Member Antônia shares how she determines the patterns and shapes of the puzzle pieces. This is how she does it…..
Dear Readers,
During the cutting process, I try to not follow the same pattern of pieces. I have a kit of jigsaws which comprises of several “curves” therefore I always change the big cutting patterns. From there, I can choose the sequence that will make the smaller cuttings.
In this sense, mathematically speaking, the probability of having two identical pieces is almost zero; it can happen though.
This video has used a speed view to make the process look fast but it is not as fast as that. Great care is taken to be sure the lines are cut proper and cleanly. Cutting continues next.

That was such a great video to watch the Artist in action. I watched it several times and I am still amazed at the accuracy Antonia creates her cuts. Next up it looks like the cutting is close to then end. So what’s next???
Linda Richard, Admin

- See more at: http://www.jigsawpuzzleconnections.com/manufacture-jigsaw-puzzle-13/#sthash.v3j2YbNy.dpuf

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