segunda-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2015

Os 5 Gatos XI (La 5 Katoj XI)

Em poucos dias todos os quadrados móveis foram cortados. No total, por volta de umas 300 peças. 

Agora os primeiros cortes do painel de base já estão sendo feitos.

Joao Carvalho Alves kaj Papoula Lucana ŝatas tion.

Manufacture a Jigsaw Puzzle ~ 11

This week continues on with Antônia sharing the cutting of the actual puzzle and today’s article is short but you will see the amount of time – consuming work. The perfect cut pieces are certainly a labour of love…..take a look…..

Dear Readers,
In a few days all the squares were cut. In total, around of 300 pieces.

Now the first cuts on the base panel are being made. 
So take a close look at her photos and see how this is being done without any electric machines. And the time it takes to cut these pieces is up to 3 days for 300 hundred pieces. But wait for the next article because she shares close up photos of how perfect her cuts are…..oh how I wish I could do this too……
Linda Richard, Admin
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