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Os 5 Gatos X (La 5 Katoj X)

A etapa dos cortes vai começar!

1- Separando as facas escolhidas para serem utilizadas.

2- Preparando o papel rascunho para proteção da pintura.

3- Fazendo as marcações para os cortes.

4- Colocando com precisão o papelão com a pintura e sobre ele a madeira auxiliar para receber a pressão da batida.

5- Os primeiros cortes.


6- Eis que as primeiras 100 peças foram feitas!

Manufacture a Jigsaw Puzzle 10

What a great way to end off this weeks article from Antônia. She is introducing to us the cutting stage of her puzzle….simple steps with photos……oh yes…take a look at this……

Dear Readers,
The cutting stage is about to begin!
1- Separating the knife chosen for use;

2- Preparing the paper for paint protection.

3- Making markings for the cuts.

4- Getting the cardboard with the paint and the auxiliary wood together before sledge-hammering. It requires lots of precision. 

5- The first cuts.

6- Behold the first 100 pieces made!

Thank you for your continued viewing of my articles.
Antônia Sobral
Puzzle Craft

Well…..what do you think so far….this looks like fun….would you like to try this too???? I hope you enjoyed this weeks Articles. There’s still more to come next week. Thanks for joining us.
Linda Richard, Admin
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