segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

Os 5 Gatos VI (La 5 Katoj VI)

Resignei-me ao comando da criação.

Não mais preciso me preocupar com o todo resultado, nem mesmo tenho noção de como o painel está ficando. Assim, três partes da pintura foram executadas quase que separadamente.

Primeira parte:

Segunda parte:

Terceira parte:


Coube a mim a escolha de certas cores e formas onde as áreas foram liberadas pela presença dos gatos. Somente aí posso me divertir despreocupadamente.

Manufacture a Jigsaw Puzzle 6

Hello and welcome to Day 6 as our Artist Antônia takes us into her thought process and we can see the end results in her photos. Today she adds a small video of her hands-on work of art….so lovely to see…..enjoy…..

Dear Readers,
I resigned myself to the command of creation.
No more need to worry about the result, and at that moment I have no even sense of how the panel is. Therefore, three parts of the picture were drawn almost separately.

It fell to me choosing certain colors and shapes in areas which were freed by the cats. Only in these areas I can have fun, carelessly.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us again today Antônia . Next up we are going to see the studio where all this creativity is started….stayed tuned for another week of this ongoing series….I just love it!!!
Linda Richard, Admin
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