quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

Os 5 Gatos III (La 5 Katoj III)

 Inicia-se a pintura.

O material escolhido foi o giz pastel, bem mais macio e mole do que os outros gizes de cera. Uso também lápis de cor para definir certas linhas mais finas. Sobre o papelão, o pastel fica com uma textura interessante. Só se deve ter cuidado para não esbarrar as mãos na pintura, pois as cores borram.

Eis uma etapa bem divertida do trabalho, em que as horas desaparecem, mergulho num mundo silencioso e as linhas se desenham por si.

Manufacture a Jigsaw Puzzle 3
Posted On : January 14th, 2015 | Updated On : January 14th, 2015
Today  Antônia Sobral is going to show us how she goes about creating the colour scheme of her unique abstract art. She tells us the type of art tools used and breaks down how the creative lines are appearing in her design….let’s see how she puts it….

Dear Readers,
The painting begins.

Chalk pastels were the chosen material, much softer than other chalks – like wax chalks. Also, I used colored pencils in order to define certain thinner lines. Chalk pastels takes an interesting texture on the cardboard. It must be careful to not touch your hands on the painting, because the colors blur easily. - See more at: http://www.jigsawpuzzleconnections.com/manufacture-jigsaw-puzzle-3/#sthash.u8dav5wn.dpuf
Here is a really fun step of the artwork, wherein hours disappear, and I dive in a silent world where lines are drawn by themselves.

In the next article Antônia Sobral will continue with the progress of the artwork  and we’ll see the results of 6 samples…..so stay tuned in this series of 12 articles.
Linda Richard, Admin

- See more at: http://www.jigsawpuzzleconnections.com/manufacture-jigsaw-puzzle-3/#sthash.u8dav5wn.dpuf

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